What is the actual work?
The actual job is filling online forms on our website. We will be providing you simple online forms depending on the program that you choose. You have to fill those online forms with data provided & according to the instructions & client requirement. You need to copy the data from Excel / Word & need to paste it into the form available on our website once you'll login.

Is it easy to fill those forms?
Yes. These are very simple data forms and it is as easy as copy -paste work. It takes less than 15 Seconds to fill one form. This is almost similar to form filling jobs.

Can I view a Demo of work ?
Yes, In demo is available. We have mentioned the process of work & size of the form.
Please Note : 1 Assignment means 1000 forms.

How much I can earn for filling each forms?
You can earn Rs.1000 for each assignment you fill. we have many forms to fill as we gather data through surveys. Based on the number of forms you'll fill, the payouts will vary. On an average, you can easily earn Rs.1000-1500 Per day depending on the hours you devote.

How is the Data Provided ?
Data is provided by Our Data Team. Data is collected by our Client in excel / Word format & is distributed among associates. As data is collected through different vendors there can be some duplicate entries which will not be accepted by the system. Entries can be upto 30%.
As the efforts done in order to complete 1 Assignment are much, we are providing Rs 1000 as payout instead of Rs 600 wef 1st April 2017.

Is this work available worldwide?
No. This work is available only for Indians. In future, we will recruit people from all over the world. You just need basic internet browsing knowledge.

What is the Qualification to do this work?
No need Extra qualification. Just basic Internet Browsing knowledge is enough to do this job.

How much time I need to work in the Internet ?
There is no hard and fast rules regarding the work. It depends on the number of hours you work.You can work at your convenient timings.

When will I get the payment and what is the mode of payment?
Will be paid around 2nd or 3rd week of every month for the previous month's earnings. We pay you by cheque / Bank transfer / PAYTM.

Is this a MLM or Referring Members Concept ?
No, this is not a MLM company or we wont ask you generate referals or links. We'll pay you for every assignment/work that you'll complete.

Are there any charges or fees to be paid by the applicant ?
Yes, we charge a very nominal charge for program. We are not demanding thousands of rupees for work. Prices are mentioned on the Available work page. Whatever the cost is involved we only charge that particular amount. which includes Admin & Application Charges, Account Set up, Customer Service Team & Support Team, Data Team, Monthly Payments without deducting bank charges.

Why we have different plans & different payouts ?
Yes, we have 4 different plans & different payouts & set up fees involved is different for each program. We work according to our client's requirements & their budget. Set Up Fee mentioned is refundable with the first payout.

Ok. I am Interested. How to join?
Thank you for your interest. Click above to Register and start working in next 24 Hours. Account will be activated immediately. All the best !

How to cancel the account ?
You need to mail to the concerned support team & they'll cancel your account within 21 working days & will refund the charges to your bank account.
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